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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Happy New Year!!

Well...the party season is over and it's back to 'normal' life if any life can be called normal! Its been a good holiday and I'm back at York tomorrow...with 3 5000 word essays to write by May 2nd and my project essay by 5th June, erk! I'm hoping this year will be much better than last year, which was a bit crap really but I loved going to Ireland in the summer and working at Cambridge Arts theatre for two weeks..and going to New York which everyone has to do at least once in their life but I'm definitely going back and taking my man with me :-D The cheesecake was heavenly and the people were lovely and central park was gorgeous :-)

I know I've put on weight over the Xmas/New Year season...but who doesn't? I know it will come off again when my eating habits get back to normal although I LOVE chocolate and will never give it up so I think exercise is the answer for me...although who wants to go outside in the freezing cold when they can snuggle up in bed with a hot CHOCOLATE and watch comfort DVDs like Pride and Prejudice (6 hours of manners and empire line frocks!!)!

The last Lost is airing here next wednesday...but yay I'm pleased to say that on Wednesday 18th Jan Desperate housewives comes back! Yes it is a bit trashy I suppose but I kind of like having regular things to watch - last year it was Lost and Bleak House, although I missed a lot of Lost when it first came out cos it didn't sound that interesting. It's really good though because strange things happen and they can't be explained! I like strange things happening in my viewing choices, especially if the viewer knows what it is and the characters don't, like in desperate housewives and stuff...I like things that keep my brain ticking away :D

Christmas was great although I missed my boyfriend but he came down at New Year..when I was ill, yuk. I always get ill at the worst times and get better when I could do with being ill...like for a valid excuse for missing something I really don't want to do!! I got some lovely Xmas presents and although I agree that its very commercialized nowadays, I still really love the atmosphere of being with family, seeing the decorations and the food and stuff. How do you describe Christmas? Its a collection of smells, sights and sounds and seasonal goodwill...and lots of family confrontations ;-)

We went to Chicken Shed Theatre for New Year's Eve - it's an inclusive theatre company that everyone should go and see! I was a performer there from 7 to 17 so I spent about 10 years there. Their work is amazing and they are the only theatre company in the UK (possibly the world) who put everyone together, no matter their age, nationality, ability or anything else and create amazingly professional theatre that is full of heart. Most people get very emotional talking about Chicken Shed, and if you ever go, you'll know why because you can never be part of Chicken Shed without taking it with you wherever you go. The theatre is in Chase Side, Southgate in London (in an area called Cockfosters).

But anyway...I had taken paracetamol so I couldn't drink anything on New Years Eve!! Not even a little sip of champagne...never mind!! It's not fun being stone cold sober when everyone else is tipsy or legless though!! Never get ill at New Year if you can avoid it :-D

Right...I better go and pack my stuff for Uni as my Mum is driving me up tomorrow and I haven't even started packing. I absolutely hate packing because I always end up taking too much!