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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I've been Tagged...

I've been tagged by Amy..so here's more time wasting fun:

A - Available or Single? I've been unavailable for 6 years (yes, since I was 16), so neither!!
B - Best Friend. Lucy in the sky with diamonds ;)
C - Cake or Pie. Pie I would have to say..especially the pies you find at Borough Market in London (foodie paradise..)! I find cake a bit to dry for my liking.
D - Drink of Choice. Chai Tea Latte..perfect combination of tea and milk and perhaps coffee (and spices)!
E - Essential Item. My bottomless bag (that carries within it any number of items, including my sony walkman mp3, mobile, various items of vanity, a book, etc etc)
F - Favorite Color. PURPLE!!! All shades of purple. In fact, my bedroom wall is purple!
G - Gummi Bears or Worms. Bears. Gives me a sort of twisted satisfaction (and guilt) to bite their heads off :-D
H - Hometown. Barnet. Not much happens here.
I - Indulgence. Wahh...lots of things. Mostly of the shopping kind - DVDs, CDs, books, shoes etc. Also...chocolate, yum. Can't beat sitting back with a large bar of Green and Blacks Hazelnut and Raisin milk chocolate :-)
J - January or February. February. I find January very depressing - after all the festivities of the holiday season. Also all that new years resolution stuff, that just makes people feel insecure - blah.
K - Kids. Well, depends what they're like. Don't really like them if they're all annoying and noisy (which is most of the time). I like the ones that are curious and eager to find things out and learn about the world around them.
L - Life is incomplete without… Chocolate, my lovely manfriend, friends, my sis and parents, books, music and quirky films (howls moving castle, volver, pans labyrinth etc).
M - Marriage Date. I'm too young to think about marriage dates!! I prefer to think about moving in first (which has yet to happen cos of money and both of us going back to Uni this year)!
N - Number of Siblings? One wild crazy indie younger sister (she's not that wild but close enough).
O - Oranges or Apples? Oranges...especially Satsumas and Clementines.
P - Phobias/Fears. Quite a few things but I think some of my worst are losing someone close to me or being in the midst of a war (which due to globalization is happening already).
Q - Favorite Quote. "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering." Yoda, StarWars. Hehe, only joking (although I think they are wise words!). I've got a few but one of my favourites is 'Life is much too important to be taken seriously' - Oscar Wilde.
R - Reasons to smile. Being able to learn, Love, Feminism and Sisterhood, Being able to escape through reading and music and the arts, sign-language, many many things.
S - Season. Spring - it feels like a time for renewal and fresh starts. I feel at my most creative and inspired during the Spring months.
T - Tag Three. Witchy Woo, Michelle (Lonergrrl), Laurelin. (anyone else who wants to take the Meme!)
U - Unknown Fact About Me. I'm incredibly shy and get very nervous before meeting new people.
V – Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals. Oppressor of Animals...erk. I suppose I like my meat. I do feel guilty quite a bit sometimes, especially as I did a course in 'Humans and Other Animals' at Uni and have studied the way humans treat animals. They share this planet with us and we treat them like subordinates :-(
W - Worst Habit. I've got a lot of bad habits - among them is a tendency to be lazy, sleep in, take ages getting ready (I like to take my time), not bother to tidy up when I would rather be doing other things, waste time just mooching around.
X – X-rays or Ultrasounds. X-rays. Ultrasounds are horrible - I've had to do a few because of my PCOS. Don't like the jelly and the prodding and poking.
Y - Your Favorite Foods. Chocolate (yum), Chinese, Indian, Spaghetti carbonara, dried mango, cherries, satsumas, pizza express pizza, raspberry and mandarin sorbet (have gone off ice-cream a bit lately). I love my foooood!
Z - Zodiac. Sagittarius (the adventurer of the zodiac).



  • I can't believe you find cake too dry?! Lol
    Although, German cakes are kinda dry.
    Can't beat a good Victoria Sponge ;)

    By Blogger Amy, At 8:19 pm  

  • Yep I do, unfortunately! I like chocolate fudge cake (yum) but I find plain sponge cakes with icing (like birthday cakes) a bit too dry!

    By Blogger FallingStar, At 8:39 pm  

  • eeeeks!

    By Anonymous witchy-woo, At 9:27 pm  

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